Port Dover offers a wide range of diving, but little of the good stuff is particularly close to port. Most of the top quality wrecks accessed from there are in an area around Long Point, a spit of land that juts radically out into the lake for miles. It has a reputation for surprising navigators, and wreck sites around the tip of the point are fairly close together for a lake this size. Erie is the smallest and the shallowest of the Great Lakes, which may make it seem like it should be the safest, but because it’s shallow storms can whip up waves in a hurry, and conditions can change in no time. Many of the same wrecks can be accessed from Osprey Dive Charters in Barcelona, on the New York side of the lake (www.osprey-dive.com/). Diving Lake Erie just a few years ago was an experience in extreme low visibility diving, but the introduction of zebra mussels has changed that entirely, and 100′ is now possible on a really good day.