Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila, Guanaha, in Honduras)

What do you get when you take a working boat from the Great Lakes, refit it, and turn it into a liveaboard vessel in the tropics? You get the cheapest date in the Aggressor fleet.

Roatan, the area where most of the diving was done, is touted as the “macro capital of the world”. Not sure who started calling it that, but they likely weren’t too far off. Colourful little critters are plentiful so photographers and eagle-eyed fish lovers rave about the place. Aside from the fish there are two shipwrecks which were intentionally sunk not long ago, so they don’t have much life on them, yet.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip were the dives spent in a cavern that had shafts of light pouring in from holes in the “ceiling”.

The boat itself was more than large enough (120′ long with 10 passenger cabins), quite spacious overall, had good food and plenty of room in the dive areas which helped make things very comfortable and easy to like.


Type Tropical Reef /w a Few Shipwrecks
Build Mother Nature
Location Bay Islands, Honduras, Caribbean Sea
Depth  feet
Marine Life 
Access Boat witj some Shore Diving
Experience Level Guppy to Advanced