ScubaQ News - Restoration Completed
August 3rd, 2009 by PhilipQ


Well it has been a long haul, longer than I initially thought it would take, but on Saturday I finally restored the last of Tom’s Dive pages.

Tom has 133 current dive site pages that incorporate 3564 images,… which is a very impressive total.  Of these 133 dive sites/galleries, 107 are of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes Water System.  Now this is only just a small sampling of the shipwrecks that are known/found in the Great Lakes,… yet it is a still a very impressive tally.

Now we move on to the next stage,… the final design of the site.  Basically I am hoping to restore the site wrapper pages,… thankfully with CSS and design of Wordpress, I should be able create these wrappers and add in some much need functionality, detailed site searches,… So I am hoping to have final design finished by the end of August.



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