New Brunswick
Jul 22nd, 2009 by Tom

Wreck Summary

Type  Shipwreck
Build  Wood

 Western Lake Erie

Depth  50 feet
Length  128 feet
Built  1847
Sank  1858
Access  Boat
Experience Level  Intermediate


(Turn on BE POSITIVE-switch) The Wreck of the New Brunswick has several things going for it: it’s not the worst wreck I’ve ever seen, and… ok, it has only one thing going for it, and that was it. (And if you’re wondering which wreck on this site is worse, I’d have to say it’s the Morrison).

 (Turn REALITY switch back on) When I heard this was a three masted barq I recalled that the Arabia (the best wreck in Tobermory) was of the same design, and I let my hopes get the better of me. The Arabia is in 110′ of water, much better protected from the ravages of wind, ice and storms, a luxury the New Brunswick in only 50 feet of water does not have.

The depth of the Arabia made it more difficult to salvage, and it was not found until far too late to be worth the effort - the same cannot be said for the poor New Brunswick which is now so flat even an expert (someone enrolled in a marine archeology PhD program), after having spent nearly two hours examining her, was uncertain which end was the bow (it made me feel much better that I didn’t have so much as a clue, myself).

There are a few deadeyes, something about four feet long that could be the front or the back (I’ll let you decide for yourself - I’m no help), various knees (if I’m mentioning that KNEES are one of the highlights, you know I’m stretching), some chain, and a hawse pipe.


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