Got the Bug Solved!!!
Aug 10th, 2009 by PhilipQ


It was a real simple problem, but it occured in a very odd way.  Anyways the problem is solved, the Galleries are now displaying the way I want them to.  I think it looks very clean and allows for easy scanning throught the images.  There is also the slide show option as, the PicLens link, which allows even greater control.  Enjoy

The next stage is get the comment section back on line, which just requires the addition of another plugin that sort out spammer comments.  We rounding third base people and heading for home!



Aug 6th, 2009 by PhilipQ


There is a minor glitch in code for one of the plugins and I think I have the attention of the Plug-in Author right now so I flipped a couple of switches to so he can see the problem better.  I promise to revert back to so the Galleries display properly by morning (hopefully).  If I am lucky I will have a fix for the bug in short order.

Thank you of your understanding,


ScubaQ News - Restoration Completed
Aug 3rd, 2009 by PhilipQ


Well it has been a long haul, longer than I initially thought it would take, but on Saturday I finally restored the last of Tom’s Dive pages.

Tom has 133 current dive site pages that incorporate 3564 images,… which is a very impressive total.  Of these 133 dive sites/galleries, 107 are of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes Water System.  Now this is only just a small sampling of the shipwrecks that are known/found in the Great Lakes,… yet it is a still a very impressive tally.

Now we move on to the next stage,… the final design of the site.  Basically I am hoping to restore the site wrapper pages,… thankfully with CSS and design of Wordpress, I should be able create these wrappers and add in some much need functionality, detailed site searches,… So I am hoping to have final design finished by the end of August.



107 Shipwrecks,… Count them,… 107
Jul 25th, 2009 by PhilipQ

Jeepers, Tom is such a "dive slut", and that is a very good thing, in fact it is one of Tom’s most endearing qualities, he’ll go down on just about any wreck (evil grin).  I started the restoration process at the beginning of the month and 107 Great Lake Shipwrecks later, I have finished restoing all of Tom’s Ship Wreck Photo Galleries,…

And now,…. Well there are his tropical sites,…. there are about twenty sites/pages to restore and these include Cave and Cenote dives (very cool stuff) and wreck dives from Florida, Carolina, Turks _ Caicos and Truk,… So there is still a good weekends work left to finish up Tom’s work.
After that I have to install the Index Pages and a more robust search engine.  And then?  Well after that I have my own galleries to add



ScubaQ’s new site is climbing back up in the search engines again, basically before the redesign ScubaQ was always in the top five positions of the search engines for any given wreck we had here, which was always a point of pride in my book and feather in Tom’s cap.  With the new site redesign I have added more analytical tools.

The SPAMMERs have found ScubaQ today, and after relentless attack of crap I have had to put the restriction that any comment with a URL is automatically held for moderation.  Sorry people, I will try to get a better comment tool installed, but not to many people have been leaving comments, so I don’t think it will cause a major problem.  I promise to get a good tool in place in short order to handle this problem.
Now I have to get back to work on restoring Tom’s Tropical Dive Pages,…



ok, now I am seriously pissed off.  I have this spam bot posting meaningless crap to the comment sections of every wreck page, so untill I have figured out how block this freak (the ip keeps changing) I am turning off the comments.  I may move to Halascan or some other paid service, I may have to talk to a few other friends i have who use Wordpress to see how they handle spammers.

Mackinac, Michigan and Whitefish Point Back On-Line
Jul 19th, 2009 by PhilipQ


Well the Mackinac, Michigan and Whitefish Point sites have been restored,  that leaves only about 20 misc. sites and about 35 tropical sites.  Tom’s tropical sites will have to be re-catagorized to fit into the CMS that I have designed,… this will also allow for easier searching by vistors to the site,… which really is the entire purpose of the this whole redsign

So far I have restored 84 wreck sites and just under 2200 photographs,…  Plus 2 above water sites of Tom’s.  There are still about 50 old web pages to restore, and about 20 of those are Great Lake Wreck sites,… the other 30 or so sites are from Tom’s cave diving,… getting close to finishing

Lake Erie Photo Galleries Back On-Line
Jul 19th, 2009 by PhilipQ


Port Dover, Port Colborne, Barcelona-New York and Long Point areas have now been restored.  This means I have restored 78 wreck sites and just under 2000 photographs.  I think the next areas to finish will be Mackinac, Michigan and Whitefish Point


Tobermory Back On-Line
Jul 19th, 2009 by PhilipQ


Tobermory is back on line, or at least Tom’s Tobermory pictures are now all restored.  I still have several sites of my own to add, which include the following,…


  • The Anchor
  • The Lighthouse Dive
  • The King
  • The Philo Scoville
  • The Charles P. Minch
  • Dave’s Bay

This will fill out the Tobermory Galleries from nine to fifteen and there are at least six other shore dives in the area that are worth doing if you are on "The Bruce" and are looking to cheap and easy diving to do,… looking for something to fill out your dive log so you can say "been there and done that,…"

Next stop, Lake Erie,…


Brockville and Kingston Areas Back On-Line
Jul 18th, 2009 by PhilipQ

Well after a long day and some diligent work I have finally got the Brockville and Kingston areas wrecks back on line again.  For many divers these are two of the major dive locations in the Lower Great Lakes.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am close to being half way to restoring all of Tom’s photo galleries, once all his work is restored I will begin to work on the final spit and polish of the site design while bringing on some of my own photo galleries as well.  Most of my Great Lake Wreck photos are not that good, but I do have some pictures and video that are worth displaying.   Between Cathrine  and myself, we have some excellent photographs from Cozumel, Mexico,…  I am also going to work on getting my Brother, Wylie, to send me some of his dive photos from the West Coast

So still plenty of work to be done around here,… 63 photo galleries and 1600+ photographs restored so far,… tomorrow I will finish off Tobermory and try to complete the restoration of Port Dover, Long Point and Lake Erie wrecks.

30 Wrecks and 778 Photos Restored
Jul 8th, 2009 by PhilipQ

Well, I managed to restore 30 of Tom’s wreck pages and 778 photographs, that about 20 percent of the way there.  Once I have all of the pages restored I will create a front end page that will remain top and will allow for quick access and indexing.  Still having a minor problem with handling 404 errors, I would like to have old urls redirected to specific wordpress page and photo gallery,… I know this can be done, just need to find the right tool (plug-in) to do the job, or either that I have to re-write the 404 program file.

I figure I should have the vast majority of the restoration finish by the end of this weekend.

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